Garage Kit
6.92 x 6.08 x 2.7 (G7x6x2.7-10)


Concrete floor size 6.92 x 6.08, Eave height 2.7m
Gable roof with a 10 degree pitch
Standard unit includes:
- N2 (41 m/s) Engineer design
- Wall cladding is Coloured finish 5 rib cladding
- Roof cladding is Coloured finish corrugated or 5 rib cladding
- Gutters and capping is Coloured finish compact type
- Downpipe Droppers 2
- 2 standard roller doors for this Garage which can be located in the side panels if required. 

Options available at extra charge:
- Higher wind rated designs such as N3, N4, C1 & C2 and site specific
- Additional roller doors located in sides or ends
- Personal entry doors
- Windows
- Delivery


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Pictures displayed do not represent the standard coloured finish or the colours ordered, the coloured pictures shown representing products are a mix of alternative colour options available. Refer to the colour samples selected when completing the online order.

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List Price : $10,234.00
Our Price : $8,699.00  ea
You Save : $1,535.00 (15%)

Garage Kit <DIV>6.92 x 6.08 x 2.7

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